Flutter those lashes!

False eyelashes are a necessity for my night-time makeup. Once you start using them (which I did about three years ago) your makeup doesn’t feel complete without them. They add glamour to your look and a fullness to your lashes that no mascara can imitate (I am on a hunt for a new mascara and will share with you when I find the next best thing to falsies).


Over the past three years I have tried and tested a variety of false lashes, from the cheapest strip lashes to the professionally applied individual lashes. The professional individuals are superior and last for a week but are more suited to special occasions for practicality, time and finance reasons! There’s a huge range of lashes in all chemists / shops but I find a lot of them too stiff and the base is often too rigid, making them next to impossible to apply and results in ruining the rest of your makeup in the process.


The solution are the next best thing to professional lashes… Eyelure’s strip lashes. Light, flexible and easy to apply. They last for more than one wear and are easier to apply the more you wear them as they maintain your eye shape after wear. At under €10 a pair, they won’t break the bank and can transform your makeup from plain jane to glamour puss in minutes! My personal favourite are the Kimberley Walsh (Girl’s Aloud) edition.


So get fluttering those lashes, no excuses!

Avril xXx