My first Blog post!

Welcome to sinfulstilettos!

My very first post on my very first Blog!

I always wanted to write a beauty blog but never got around to it… That was until my social life was kidnapped for a few weeks following an incident involving a girl accidentally putting her 5 inch stiletto heel through my left foot on a dance floor… Forced to rest my foot, I decided it was a good time to put the Blog into action! It also inspired the name of my Blog! So as they say: Every cloud has a silver lining…



I am totally obsessed with beauty products, a “don’t go to the gym without makeup on” kinda girl, so I have decided to share my knowledge, experience, beauty do’s and don’ts with all of my fellow beauty product devotees!



With a 10 year (and still counting) addiction to beauty products, I have tried and tested, failed and succeeded and loved and hated a wealth of brands, products and gadgets. Now I’m going to share these with you, so that you can enjoy some of the beauty-amazingness I have had the pleasure of obsessing with, and AVOID the slip-ups I have regrettably made.

So once again, welcome to sinfulstilettos, enjoy the reviews, indulge in the great and side-step the bad!

Avril xXx