Handy Hints on Applying False Lashes!


I have received a lot of feedback on my article about Eylure false lashes. It seems that a lot of you love the look of falsies but haven’t a clue where to start… So here’s a useful tip; My trick, which I learnt from an Artdeco makeup artist while working as PR Executive for the brand, is to apply the glue to the lashes, then wave them about for about 15 seconds and give the glue a minute or two to settle.

The air makes the glue tacky and more flexible, which makes it easier to shape to your eye and apply. If you try to apply the lashes immediately after applying the glue, when the glue is too wet, it will just slide all over your eyelid and make a bit of a sticky mess and ruin whatever makeup you have already applied!

Once you get the hang of them, it becomes second nature. I’d advise to practice the application process on a day when you do not intend going out to showcase your lashes, do a practise run, and you’ll be a pro by the time your big night arrives! Also, I get a few wears out of each set of Eylure lashes and find the more I’ve worn them, the easier they are to apply!

Best of luck with them! Be flutterly fabulous! (Just like Nicki!)

Avril xXx