Blooming Beautiful Brows!

Megan Fox has my IDEAL brows! Perfection!


Having well groomed eyebrows can change people’s first impression of you. Brows are the frame of your face and as a result they have the power to change your entire look. A popular method of ensuring you have beautiful brows is by using an eyebrow pencil.


Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil is used to enhance and perfect the appearance of eyebrows. I use it to fill gaps and slightly lengthen the arc of my brows. I also use it to add extra definition to my brows. Over-plucking can cause brows to lose their natural thickness and fullness. I am a victim of that from my teens. If I were to go back and do it all again I wouldn’t have touched my brows myself! That’s a fact! So now that thicker, fuller and more defined brows are all the rage, I’ll just have to fake it, that’s where my Rimmel eyebrow pencil comes in to play! For those of you who have not sabotaged or tweezed the life out of your naturally full brows and have maintained their greatness, count your blessings!



In order to get the maximum impact from your brows, firstly ensure that there are no random hairs above or below the shape you wish for your brows to be. This will make for a much more polished look. Achieve this by waxing, threading or tweezing. Secondly, make sure that your eyebrow pencil is not blunt whatsoever, sharpen it before use so that you get a precise edge. Finally, use small, light strokes of the pencil and lightly fill in your eyebrows, working from the inner to outer corner until you achieve your desired brow shape.


Brooke Shields – Iconic Eyebrows!


Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil is the perfect eyebrow pencil for soft, subtle, long-wearing definition in an instant. It glides on easily and leaves a natural finish. The pencil is available in three shades: Hazel, Dark Brown and Black Brown. I use Dark Brown, as it compliments my natural hair colour.


Full eyebrows are popular at the moment and are far more flattering than thin brows, as you can see from the pictures above. You really are blessed if you haven’t meddled with your brows during your teen years and still have such a full and natural brow to work with! Some may be slightly too full and defined though… check out the increasingly popular “scouse brow” below!


If, like myself, you pencil your brows every day, you will also know how much sharpening, tweezing, time and effort goes into achieving the brows you want… EVERY SINGLE MORNING! If my brows aren’t perfect then I won’t be happy with my makeup! However, after more than ten years of eyebrow shaping, tweezing, sharpening and pencilling on a daily basis, I have begun looking into other options for a more permanent perfect brow… watch this space! 😉

Until then, I will continue to use my favourite eyebrow pencil; Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil. Available in Doc Morris Pharmacies, Kerin’s Pharmacy Blackrock and Boots stores nationwide; €4.65

Now you have no excuse not to have blooming beautiful brows!

Avril xXx