Take it all off!

Had a late night at the weekend? Got in at 3am and were far too tired to even consider removing the face paint? A scenario we are all faced with from time to time! Well although it may take hours to apply, it takes just seconds to remove with Johnson’s Daily Essentials Nourishing Facial Cleansing Wipes!

I use them after I have been out for the night and don’t want to go to bed with my makeup on, but definitely don’t want to have to do the whole ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturising.



I have tried a LOT of different wipes, but these are now the only wipes I will use. The wipes are available for three different skin types; dry, oily and normal. I use the nourishing wipes which are for dry / sensitive skin.

The wipes are ultra-wet which is great because it means they remove the makeup without too much rubbing or pulling at your skin. They wipe away makeup with ease, even waterproof mascara and your face feels hydrated afterwards.



They are not part of my weekday cleansing routine but they are an absolute god-send on a Saturday night! The best wipes there is! They’re not a luxury, they’re a necessity!

Plus, because they’re made by the reputable brand Johnson’s, they are dermatalogically tested and contain skin-loving vitamins and minerals which benefit your skin, so you no longer have to feel guilty for missing the cleanse-tone-moisturise the odd night!


Fresh as a daisy!


Special offer of two packets for €5 in Kerin’s Pharmacy Blackrock. Also available in Boots stores nationwide, Doc Morris Pharmacies and Superquinn stores.

Avril xXx