Pucker Up!

Lips get chapped because they’re too dry, usually because of exposure to the elements such as dry air, wind, sun, air conditioning and cold temperatures. As much as I ADORE lipstick and lipgloss, they aren’t really practical for when your lips are sore or dry or if you need to protect them when doing exercise outdoors. My solution? Carmex!

For years I have been familiar with the signature Carmex pots and Carmex tubes, which I was always a big fan of. Now however, Carmex has answered the prayers of all lipstick and lipgloss lovers by creating Carmex Moisture Plus. Carmex Moisture Plus is an ultra-hydrating lip balm, in a sleek, slant tip applicator. It is simple to apply, no need for a mirror or getting your fingers messy, one sweep across your lips ensures that they are nourished, moisturised and protected.

The cocoa butter, aloe and Vitamin E leave your lips kissably soft. The SPF 15 protects your lips from the sun so no need to worry about them burning or getting cracked and dry after a day of fun in the sun! Carmex Moisture Plus is available in three shades; sheer pink, sheer peach and clear satin gloss.

I’ve been using my clear satin gloss Carmex Moisture Plus both under and over my lipstick. It adds extra shine and protection for my lips and leaves them so soft! It also moisturises my lips when they are dry and prevents my lipstick and lipgloss from further drying them out! When my lips are feeling extra dry, I apply Carmex Moisture Plus before I go to bed and wake up with my lips feeling soft, supple and chap-free.

Carmex adds natural emollients to your lips, while locking in your own body’s moisture to help protect against chapping and cracking. It provides a barrier against the drying effects of wind, heat and cold. Carmex Moisture Plus is packed with ingredients specially selected to help heal chapped, cracked, sunburnt and sore lips.

Menthol: Kills germs and relieves discomfort.

Camphor: Alleviates pain.

Phenol: Kills germs, exfoliates and anesthetizes.

Lanolin: Softens, lubricates and protects.

Cocoa Butter: Moisturizes and protects.

Salicylic Acid: Exfoliates and relieves pain.

Aloe Butter: Helps heal and soothe.

Vitamin E: Reduces damaging free radicals.

Shea Butter: Prevents dry, cracked lips. Petrolatum: A moisturizing barrier that protects the lips.

Carmex Moisture Plus is a new slant on a reliable classic and I think it’s fantastic! Clearly a lot of celebs do too, check out the pics! You will find Carmex lip balm in more than 36 countries around the globe. So many people use Carmex that they sell 130 products every minute. The perfect combination of protection and moisture along with shine and glamour! Available at Boots, Doc Morris Pharmacies and all leading pharmacies nationwide; €5.99.

Pucker up!

Avril xXx