Holy Heat!

My first Turkish Baths experience!

While visiting my friend in Paris, we decided to indulge in a little slice of Arabic culture and visit Le Hammam (Turkish Baths). Located in the oldest mosque in Paris on rue Geoffrey Saint Hilaire in the 5th arrondissement. Only minutes from where I was staying in Paris, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped into the beautifully crafted, ancient building, with its colourful mosaic tiling, high ceilings and large stone arches.

We were greeted by friendly staff members at reception. Just beside the reception is the massage room, where three massage tables are located around a gorgeous fountain.

We started off in the first marble chamber toward the rear of the building, the heat was similar to a sauna, but the room was so much larger and luxurious. After 30 minutes there we then progressed to another steam chamber, which was that little bit hotter. The grand finale was the hottest chamber, which I was full sure I would not be able to handle, but with a little persuasion I overcame my fear of the heat and ended up loving it, spending over an hour there. There was a circular pool there to dip in and out of if the heat got too much. Feeling the effects of the heat and steam made me want to stay as long as possible, knowing how good it is for your skin.

After about two hours in total in the chambers, we went back out to the massage room for our 30 minute full-body massages. It was absolutely amazing. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had, the skill and technique of the masseuse plus the aroma of the lavender oil she used literally made me zone out with calmness. My shoulders, shoulder blades and back felt so comfortable and stress free after it.

Our skin was positively glowing afterwards and the smell of the lavender oil on our skin was heavenly. My whole body felt rested afterwards.

I will have to do some research and see if there is anything similar here in Dublin but next time I’m in Paris I will be sure to make another visit to the Hammam. If any of you are lucky enough to be there in the near furture, I recommend you take a few hours out from the busy city and visit Le Hammam. It was €15 admission fee and just €12 for a 30 minute massage, money well spent!

Avril xXx