Hot Holiday Hair!

Vanessa Hudgens has hot holiday hair down to a tee!

It can be next to impossible (for me anyway) to pack lightly for a holiday, particularly when it comes to beauty products. Clothes seem easier to narrow down to a few key pieces but I’m never willing to sacrifice any of my beauty products for the sake of a lighter suitcase!

Before my trip to Paris last week, I went on a hunt for some holiday size products, to try and succeed at the light-packing for the first time ever… and I found some absolute humdingers!

All three hair products I got are in 50ml bottles… light, small and don’t exceed the airport’s liquids in hand-luggage restrictions.

First up is Umberto Giannini Incredible Body Volume Blow Dry Spray For Big Hair, it is suitable for all hair types in need of volume. Spritz this heat protecting spray to roots and then lengths of damp hair, then blow dry into a big Hollywood hairstyle. It added super volume to my roots without making it greasy or heavy.

The philosophy over at Umberto Giannini is ‘the bigger the hair, the smaller the hips’, so if that’s not enough to convince you to say goodbye to flat hair and hello to big hair, then nothing will be!

My second holiday-size hair product was Lee Stafford’s Original Dry Shampoo.  We’ve all been there, our hair needs washing and there just isn’t the time… Or your hair looks great but it’s let down by horrible oily roots. I was so impressed with Lee Stafford’s Original Dry Shampoo, it made my blow-dry last longer and it smells amazing. This little spray gives your hair a boost precisely when you need it!

My final mini-hair product purchase was Lee Stafford’s Hold Tight Hairspray. This baby gives great hold and shine but without the stiffness that some hairsprays can cause. It does exactly what it says on the tin, smells as divine as the dry shampoo and the mini 50ml can means I could throw it in my handbag and bring it out with me and top up during the night (the heat and humidity was unreal in Paris!!)

So if you’re going on holidays or if you just fancy some handy mini-size hair products for your handbag, you should get your hands on these! They’ll leave your hair feeling as good as it looks!

Big hair is ALWAYS better! Available in Boots stores nationwide, 3 for 2 offer on all holiday-size products.

Avril xXx