I’ve been using Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Mascara for almost a month now. It is FABULOUS. It plumps, lifts, lengthens and dramatizes my lashes. Once applied it does not budge! It also allows me to build on the volume to create a more intense look for night time and a lighter more natural look for daytime and work-wear.

When I saw that Rimmel had a new Scandaleyes ‘Show Off’ Mascara, I just had to try it. It has a unique play-ball brush, nothing like I had ever tried before. I bought it last week before going on my holidays. I wore it for the first time on the day I left for Paris, between an early morning start, a flight and a couple of metro journeys, the mascara was really put to the test… and I’m sad to say it didn’t impress.

From the moment I applied the mascara that morning, there were smudges appearing on my eyelids and below my lower lashes, and that was before any of the travelling or hot weather came into play. I’ve now tried it here at home in the not so hot weather and again, it is smudging and flaking. By the end of each day that I wore it, there was barely any mascara left to remove from my lashes, most of it was smudged around my eyes (not a great look!).

I don’t know how two products that are from the same line can be so very different, but if any of you are trying out a new mascara I would steer clear of Scandaleyes Show Off (purple packaging) but I can’t recommend Scandaleyes original enough (the orange packaging). Available inBoots stores, Doc Morris and Unicare pharmacies nationwide €8.55

I was super excited to try out Show Off because of the unique brush and gorgeous packaging, it just didn’t live up to Rimmel’s standards in my eyes. It’s not like Rimmel to disappoint 😦 but a big thumbs up for the original Scandaleyes, great product and as always with Rimmel, great value!

Avril xXx