Bronzed Goddess!

I may be a self-tan addict, using TanOrganic weekly to give myself a natural looking, healthy glow, but my addiction does not cross over to the ridiculous. It would be positively pointless and also a waste of time and tan if I was to do a full-body-tan each week. Given the far from fabulous weather we’re having this summer in Ireland, it is a rare occasion that we are tempted to get out legs out!

However, when the mood takes me and the moment is right (a day of sunshine / a night out) I have the perfect solution to turn legs from pasty and white into bronzed and flawless…

No sun. No salon. No streaks. No over-night wait for the colour to develop. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs means flawless and perfectly tanned legs in an instant.

This lightweight, water-resistant formula gives even coverage, deep colour and doesn’t run at the sight of rain / drinks. It is enriched with Palmaria Extract which enhances the coverage of freckles, veins and imperfections. So if like me, you only have your upper body tanned the majority of the time and low and behold the sun decides to split the stones, whip out Sally Hansen, apply to your legs and voila, you’re a complete bronzed goddess (as opposed to a half-body one!).

It is simple to use: Spray onto a tanning mit, apply to legs in a circular motion and then allow to set for a minute or two before dressing. It removes easily with soap and water but is very resistant to rain / spilled drinks etc. Just be careful if you’re planning on wearing a white skirt / dress, Sally Hansen is transfer resistant, but it’s not magic, do your best to keep the contact at a minimum between the clothing and the freshly applied tan.

Available in 4 shades to match your skin tone. I use shade Medium Glow. Available in Doc Morris, Unicare, Boots and supermarkets nationwide. Prices vary from €10 – €14.

Avril xXx