A Prudent Purchase!

Getting to the airport and realising you’ve forgotten your makeup bag is the stuff of nightmares! (I’d look something like the above picture if I did that!). Fortunately my situation wasn’t that bad, I did however leave my MAC foundation brush behind recently. Luckily enough I realised it en route to my destination so I had time to pop into a shopping centre and my intention was to run into the pharmacy or Penneys and pick up a cheap makeup brush or sponge or whatever I could get my hands on that would tide me over for the time I was away.

I spotted a pretty, pink, two-in-one foundation and concealer brush in Penneys. For just €2, even if it wasn’t the best, it would do the job as I was really stuck!

To my surprise, the brush is brilliant! The soft, bristled, foundation brush is one end and the smaller, bristled, concealer brush is at the other. I wasn’t expecting much from it but I am very impressed. The foundation brush applies my liquid foundation perfectly, makes it easy to spread and gives an even finish. In fact, I’ve continued using it since I got home!

I’m not saying I’m replacing my MAC stippling brush with it, but it is certainly a great foundation brush, unbelievable value for money and looks good too. For those of you who don’t wear foundation often or who like to be frugal, this is the brush for you! Plus there’s a handy little concealer brush included too which is perfect  for dabbing and blending my Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer under my eyes!

A highly impressive, budget-buy. Two thumbs up for Penneys / Primark on this one!

Available in Penneys stores nationwide. €2. There’s also lots of other makeup brushes and lots of great cosmetics within the great-value Essence brand.

If you’re in need of a new foundation brush and don’t want to wait until you’re feeling flush to get one, then this is the perfect solution!

Avril xXx