All of you fake-tan addicts know how important exfoliation is in order to achieve the perfect tan. I have tried and tested god-knows how many shower gels and creams with exfoliating properties, none have ever come close to beating my secret weapon; The Body Shop Exfoliating Gloves.

These elasticated, nylon woven gloves stretch to fit to your hand perfectly. They feel quite abrasive when dry, but fear not, this is the key to a thorough exfoliation! When wet, the gloves feel softer, and although they are doing a super job of exfoliating your skin, they don’t feel harsh against your skin when wet and lathered up with your choice of shower gel or cream.

Use them before applying fake-tan to remove dead skin cells, dry skin and ensure that you have the perfect base for your tan. The cause behind a lot of fake tan disasters is often not the tanning product used but the application itself, therefore, it is essential that you prepare your skin thoroughly before applying your tan.

Use them when your tan is fading away after a couple of days to completely remove all traces of your tan (and if you’re like me, lash it all back on again the second you step out of the shower!). They make your skin super soft and give the feeling of a thorough exfoliation.

The Body Shop Exfoliating Gloves are also great for those of you who have no interest in fake-tan but want to make sure that you keep your skin silky, smooth, healthy and soft. Exfoliation is vital to remove all of the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of your skin. Dead skin cells are the cause of the dullness and lifeless appearance that you see in ageing skin. Exfoliating with The Body Shop gloves allows you to scrub off all the unwanted skin cells and reveal smooth and glowing, younger looking skin.

A little tip, if you want to use them to exfoliate your face too, just massage your face lightly with your fingertips whilst wearing the gloves, helps the circulation and also gives an instant glowing boost to the skin!

You may be tempted to buy cheaper exfoliating gloves that you see in chemists or other stores, but I have tried and tested and The Body Shop gloves outlast them all, worth the extra €€€! 😉 I use mine all of the time and only ever need about 2 – 3 pairs per year!

€8 a pair. Available in a gorgeous range of colours in The Body Shop stores nationwide and worldwide!

Get scrubbing!

Avril xXx