They’re Real… I Swear!!!

Move over Badgal, They’re Real is here!

Now, I was never a huge Badgal fan, although I know plenty of people who can’t get enough of it. I think Badgal is a love it or hate it product, but They’re Real, well this is simply just a LOVE IT product!

This mascara is without a doubt one of the greatest makeup products I have ever used. The specially designed wand brings to life all of the little lashes that you didn’t even know you had! The product clings to every bit of every lash, making the most of what you have.

This mascara is for those of you who want volumised, curled and lengthened lashes… who doesn’t?

I’ve been using it for a week now and I find it adds length, fullness and SUPER curl to my lashes. To make the most of They’re Real, slowly work it from the root to tip of your lashes, gently pushing the lashes upwards as you do, hold it there for a second or two and you will instantly see how the mascara has separated and lengthened your lashes not to mention the curl it gives! The best thing about it? They stay this way! (Thanks to the quick drying formula).

For daytime (as always in a hurry before work in the morning) I’ve been doing one or two quick sweeps with They’re Real. However, for night time, I decided to put it to the test and see could it live up to the clever marketing campaign behind it. I meticulously applied four to five layers to each eye, pushing the lashes up from root to tip with the wand in order to get the best lift I possibly could. The result? People asking was I wearing fake lashes!!! Exactly what I wanted. For someone who adores fake lashes, it is a dream come true to find a mascara that gives the same result without the rigmarole of actually applying falsies.

The colour is seriously intense, jet black!

Build the intensity that you want, one or two sweeps for a natural but effective daytime look, or five or six sweeps for dramatic and beautiful lashes which will without a doubt prompt the question… “Are they real?” to which you will coyly answer, “They’re Real!” 😉

It’s hard to believe that there is finally a mascara that knocks the need for fake lashes AND lash curlers on the head. Don’t believe me? Try it!

It is not waterproof (Benefit never claimed it to be) but is certainly water resistant and smudge proof. I prefer non-waterproof mascaras, they make the removal process easier meaning you are less harsh on the sensitive skin around your eyes when taking off your makeup.

Available in BT2, Boots Liffey Valley and Debenhams stores nationwide. €25.

Get faking it!

Avril xXx