OMG… Benfit’s Ultra Plush Lip Glosses!

Sweet Cheeks meet Luscious Lips!

Benefit have done it again… I don’t know if it’s the clever marketing, the gorgeous packaging, the amazing quality products or the brilliant idea of creating lip glosses to compliment their best selling face powders… but I am more impressed with Benefit than I was when I discovered They’re Real, and that was just two weeks ago!

I haven’t used the glosses yet, it will be a toughie trying to decide which to buy, do I go for the ever reliable and beautifully subtle baby pink Dandelion, or the summery coral Coralista or get the shimmering nude gloss to match my favourite ever face powder; Sugarbomb??? Hmmm…. Decisions, decisions. I’ve put the link to the feature on them from the Benefit website below so that you can have a little peep, but as soon as I’ve tried them I’ll let you know!

Benefit… the brand that keeps on giving!! 🙂

Avril xXx