Stop the Ageing-Clock!

I’m all for buying Irish, particularly when the brand and products are as spectacular as Human + Kind’s!

Ageing skin doesn’t happen overnight.  Even from our mid 20’s, skin can appear dull and lacklustre and can need a helping hand in the anti-ageing battle.  Give your skin a fighting chance in the battle against the clock with Human + Kind’s all natural Anti-ageing Cream.

The dreaded tick-tock of the ageing-clock!

This anti-ageing cream separates itself from most anti-ageing creams because it is made of natural ingredients. It is bursting with  nature’s most effective natural, clock-stopping ingredients. Human + Kind’s Anti-ageing Cream protects, smoothes and softens fine lines and wrinkles as well as evening out skin tone, leaving skin youthfully radiant.

Jam-packed with highly concentrated active natural ingredients including jojoba seed oil, marshmallow, onopordum, centella, rosehip oil and shea butter and another natural ingredient called achmella oleracea, known as ‘nature’s Botox’… all of which have been selected for their stupendous anti-ageing properties.

Jojoba seed oil’s inherent emollient and moisturising properties make it one of the world’s top cosmetic oils. Suitable for all skin types it provides exceptional skin softening properties, helping to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also assisting  skin rejuvenation.

Originating from Peru and Brazil  organic acmella oleracea has long been used as a medicinal plant as it offers visible results, helping to reduce wrinkle depth, smoothing skin and making skin look younger.

Onopordum, commonly known as cotton thistle is cultivated by a small group of organic farmers in the Auvernge region of France. Known for its restructuring powers, it promotes in-depth skin regeneration, replenishes strength and firmness and leads to the effective repair of damaged skin.

Human + Kind has addressed one of the biggest frustrations amongst women today – a lack of time to invest in lengthy beauty rituals.  Instead, Human + Kind provide a new pared down approach to skin care with multi-functioning products that are as versatile as they are essential. Human + Kind All-in-One Anti-Ageing Cream is an all-rounder cream working as a night cream, eye cream, anti-wrinkle cream and protective moisturiser. Restoring maximum hydration levels to skin, Human + Kind Anti-aging Cream makes skin firmer and more supple.

Wrinkles; they may look cute on him, but not so much on us!

For best results gently apply Human + Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream to face, under eyes, neck and décolletage at least twice a day.  Human + Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream is:

  • Dermatologically tested, allergy screened and suitable for sensitive skins
  • Free from parben and chemical nasties

Human + Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing cream Price €29.95. Available online at and from pharmacies and health stores nationwide