A Budget Busting Beautiful Blush!

On July 24th I posted about the best budget buys for the perfect nude-look lips ( https://sinfulstilettos.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/go-nude-on-a-budget/ ). The lipgloss was made by beauty brand Essence…

Once again I’m raving about Essence! This time, it’s their blusher that has impressed me! I love luxury makeup products, but that’s not to say that I don’t have a nosey around ALL makeup brands during my shopping escapades and have a little stash of them at home too! I just had to try another Essence product, after their XXXL Shine lipgloss had made it into my top ten lipglosses of all time.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of it, Essence is a European beauty brand that sells affordable yet high quality makeup. I can vouch for that, both on the affordability factor and high quality factor!

The Essence blush is available in four gorgeous shades. I opted for Secret IT-Girl; a vibrant and deep coral shade that’s perfect for summer. The blush has a matt finish, no glitter or shimmer in sight. You’re either a shimmer lover or a shimmer hater, or in my case, I change my mind as often as the weather, going through shimmer-loving phases and matt-loving phases. Anyway, this blush is perfect for those of you who like a matt finish to your makeup.

The blush powder is extremely soft to the touch which allows for a silky smooth application. I can’t get over how well pigmented this blusher is, I’ve compared a swatch of Essence blush beside Benefit’s Bella Bamba below, Benefit powders are renowned for their high quality pigmentation, and you can see from the picture that Essence is giving it a run for its money (and at almost one-tenth of the price, I mean this quite literally!).

Essence blush gives a fresh and healthy complexion and can brighten your face with just one sweep. It’s available in four shades so choose the colour you like best and use it to highlight your cheeks.

So if you’re running low on both blush and cash… pop into your local Penneys or pharmacy and treat yourself to this little dime!

Essence blush €2.99 is available in Penneys stores nationwide and selected pharmacies.http://www.essence.eu/us/home.html

Avril xXx