Blogger In Residence!

Choosing one prize from the amazing prize vault was not an easy task let me tell you! Tempting as the beautiful Michael Kors arm candy might be, I have my sensible head on right now and I’m choosing the Samsung Galaxy S III. Not easy for a girl like me (handbag addict) to resist such temptation, but right now, the Samsung is the one item I actually cannot live without!

Since starting my blog on May 25th 2012, my social media needs have increased dramatically. My blog is daily and that means Tweeting my daily post before I get out of bed, sharing my latest blog update on Facebook at lunchtime in work and constantly monitoring comments and answering questions from my beloved blog followers.

Having a Samsung Galaxy S III would make it possible to interact with my blog followers ‘on-the-go’ and as a daily blogger, that’s fundamental.

Avril xXx