A New Age of Skincare – Pukka Ayurveda

A new age of skincare has arrived with Pukka Ayurveda, taking beauty to a new level, with the power of super natural, creating an advanced range of active and organic skin essentials. Better known for their incredible organic tea blends, Pukka (Hindi for authentic) is the brain child of master herbalist, Sebastian Pole. Given Pukka’s outstanding organic credentials and passion for herbal, creating a skincare line was a natural evolution and Pukka Ayurveda was born. This exceptional line of modern, must-have skincare, applies ancient Ayurvedic principles of skin detox + nutrient replenishment with the highest quality, accredited organic plant and herbal formulations.

Pukka Ayurveda Firming Face Oil has already achieved cult status, garnering awards and accolades for its skin transforming action. This hardworking skin repair hero, blends rich seed oils and plant extracts to condition, plump and enhance tone and texture, restoring lost luminosity. This luxurious elixir blends potent antioxidant herbs and essentials oils to feed depleted skin with beneficial fatty acids including evening primrose, hemp, sesame, rosehip, starflower, poppy and wheat germ, all chosen for their restorative action. Pukka Ayurveda Firming Face Oil Pukka targets the deeper layers of the skin to leave it dewy, smooth and supple. It was about time my all time favourite face oil (Nuxe) had a bit of competition!

To be totally honest, I feel that The Pukka oil is targeted at more mature skin than my own. I’m in my mid twenties so I think the Nuxe oil is more suited to my skin. But if you’re looking for an oil that is going to keep the wrinkles at bay,  improve the appearance of fine lines, and firm and hydrate at the same time, I recommend Pukka! Here’s the link to my review on Nuxe dry oil for those of you with younger skin https://sinfulstilettos.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/quench-your-skins-thirst-6/

Based on the ancient Indian philosophy Ayurveda which asserts that the secret to beautiful skin lies in three key areas; how it is nourished, cleansed and rejuvenated. By nurturing skin with naturally active blends of herbs and plants, Pukka Ayurveda skincare helps to improve skin circulation, eliminate toxins and restore natural radiance. Using special super-extraction techniques so that each drop of formula provides a highly concentrated dose of essential skin-nurturing nutrients Pukka Ayurveda provides deep nourishment to help build and maintain healthy skin tissue. Formulations that contain circulation boosting herbs and fortified antioxidant protection strengthen elastin and collagen. Rejuvenating herbs such as amla and gotu kola strengthen the skins defences and brighten its natural glow. Pukka Ayurveda products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colours.

Consumer Skincare Panel Trial Results on Pukka Firming Facial Oil

83% said their skin looked smoother

70% said their skin felt more moisturised

67% said their skin felt firmer

53% said their skin appeared more radiant

37% noticed an improvement in the appearance of fine lines

40% felt their skin looked younger

37% noticed an improvement in the appearance of fine lines

40% felt their skin looked younger

63% felt their complexion has improved in appearance

RRP: €46.00 If you want to join the new age of skincare, get your hands on Pukka, available in:

•Hopsack, Rathmines • Restore, Camden Street • Down To Earth, South Great Georges Street • Evergreen Health Stores, Galway and evergreen.ie • Dargan Healthfoods, Limerick • Priya Therapy and Store, Cork • An Tobairin, Bandon • An Siopa Beag, Killaloe • Horan’s Health Store, Fermoy • Meanwell Wholefoods, Ennis • The Aquarian, Caherciveen •

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