Fashion Fix Friday – Dr Denim Jeans

Fashion and beauty, my two loves.

Since I started my blog I’ve been feeling a little guilty, like I was favouring one love over the other… cheating on fashion by spending all of my blog time talking about beauty… so here it is, the resolution. Each and every Friday is now going to be known as Fashion Fix Friday. That is, every Friday, instead of banging on about beauty products, I’ll be sharing what I’m loving, hating, wearing, buying or lusting after in the world of fashion. Beauty will be limited to Monday to Thursday. Everyone’s a winner!

And seeing as today is Friday, no better place to begin, here’s this week’s Fashion Fix!

Astronauts know space, mechanics know cars and Dr Denim know jeans…

For those of you who know me well, you know that Dr Denim is my middle name. For five years I’ve been squeezing myself into, and peeling myself out of, Dr Denim Jeans.

Once you find jeans that suit you and that you love, that’s it, no need to ever venture elsewhere. Satisfying your denim needs is no easy feat, so to have found the perfect jeans, means one thing, I’m going to share the news with each and every one of you!

The philosophy behind Dr Denim is to “create pieces that can be worn at any time”. Dr Denim truly demonstrate this philosophy in their jeans, I can vouch for that. Whether I’m wearing my high waisted black Plentys with 6 inch heels for a night out, teaming my ink blue Kissys with a pair of converse during the day, throwing on a pair of biker boots with my khaki Mausers or keeping it simple in my white Snaps and ballet pumps, there is nowhere that I can’t wear my Dr Denims. My belief is that there’s no sexier outfit than a pair of perfectly fitted jeans and killer heels. 😉

For those of you completely unfamiliar with the brand and are wondering what I’m referring to by Kissys, Plentys, Mausers and Snaps… well they are four of the different styles of female jeans by Dr Denim. And four of my favourite at that! Here’s a link to the Dr Denim fit-guide which shows you all of the different styles that are on offer plus the characteristics of each style, making it simple to choose the perfect Dr Denims for you! Here’s a few of my faves below:

Style: Kissy Colour: Blue

Style: Plenty Colour: Black

Style: Snap Colour: Denim Blue

“Dr Denim sees the world through fashionably geeky eyes, creating a contemporary interpretation of denim and wearable classic looks with a modern twist. Seeking greatness through simplicity.”

By the way, Dr Denim jeans aren’t for the faint hearted. If you like your jeans fitted in a bend-stretch-and-jump-until-you-are-in-them way and a lie-on-the-bed-to-close-the-button tight, then, you’re in the right place! Fear not though, the tightness does not mean discomfort, they are the snuggest and most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn (hence my undying love for them). Also, if you’re tired of other brand “skinny” jeans that loosen with every step you take, are a size bigger with every wear and need to be washed after every wear to tighten them up, then you are in SERIOUS need of a pair of Dr Denims!

Dr Denim offer an amazing selection of jeans, every shape, fit, style and colour that you could ask for. It’s just a matter of finding the Dr Denims that are perfect for you! Here’s a photo of my own (ever growing) collection:

Kissys, Plentys, Mausers & Snaps. The loves of my life!

I usually get mine in BT2, or

Online is often the better option because the UK and European stores tend to have more of a selection than the Emerald Isle!

Also, forgot to mention, Dr Denim jeans won’t break the bank, ranging from €50 – €65 per pair! It’s actually a sin not to have a pair. Seriously! Life without them is not worth thinking about!!!

Avril xXx