Celebs Without Makeup!

I feel naked without makeup! It’s part of my daily routine, part of getting dressed every morning, and I don’t leave the house without it… ever!

As a makeup addict (I know many of you are too!), we are well aware of the magic that a bit of slap can work. It is reassuring to know that even the hottest women in the world need this little bit of magic to help them look as good as they do. So when we see them splashed across magazines, the internet and the red carpet looking absolutely flawless… bear in mind that they too are only human and do NOT wake up looking like this! Shock horror, Kim K does not wake up looking HD ready!!!

Kim Kardashian made headlines earlier this month when she posted photos of herself to her Twitter account while getting her makeup done. Naturally beautiful without any makeup at all, I was actually shocked at just how much concealer, foundation, skill and time goes in to making Kim K look like she “normally” does. Here’s the photos:

Just a dab of concealer…

and a little bit more…

The Natural Look… the finished product!

Makeup free Kim K

Here’s some photos of my favourite celebs and style icons, with and without, the makeup (false eyelashes, hair extensions, spray tan, gel nails, lipstick, foundation…)


Katie Price


Annalynne McCord

Jennifer Lopez

Kate Moss

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a makeup brush again! 😉

Avril xXx