Fashion Fix Friday – I LOVE SHOPPING!

Something came over me this week… I could NOT stop shopping! Between makeup, clothes and shoes… Urban Outfitters, ASOS, BT2 and River Island… I feel quite sorry for my bank balance, but thrilled to bits for my wardrobe! The latter is definitely more important. Priorities priorities! Anyway, it’s not that I have a shopping addiction… it’s just that this season’s trends are right up my street so I’m making the most of it. (That’s exactly what someone in shopping-addiction-denial would say isn’t it?) Anyway…

…Here’s some of my purchases 🙂

Cream Cons

Mint Green Loose Knit Jumper from ASOS

Camo Jacket from Urban Outfitters. Grey Tshirt from ASOS & Dr denim Dark Blue Jeans from BT2

Cotton Vests from River Island

Quilted Leather Biker Jacket from ASOS

Avril xXx