One For The Boys!

I know there’s a few men out there who secretly read my blog, and a few others who read it not-so-secretly, so this one is for you boys! 🙂

If you dread opening the bathroom cabinet, for fear of being assaulted by an avalanche of HER beauty products, or have even been in the dog-house for using one of her expensive creams?!  Well then, Bulldog Natural Skincare is an exceptional new grooming range developed with exactly you in mind! Created by men, for men, Bulldog delivers outstanding results. Its’ all-natural formulations mean that the product line up is free from added chemicals and its great no-nonsense packaging means you won’t have to hide it in your kit bag either.

Reclaim Your Bathroom Cabinet With Bulldog!

Unleashing a line-up of 8 hardworking products, Bulldog has you covered for every grooming conundrum. Bulldog’s hero product ‘Original Moisturiser’ has ensured a massive following for the brand in UK, Europe and beyond. Packed with 8 different essential oils, green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and Vitamin E, this moisturiser hydrates and strengthens skin, while also protecting it from the assault of skin aggressors. Perfect for use after shaving or after showering at the gym, this lightweight cream soothes and conditions without clogging pores or leaving any tell tale residue.

Bulldog is also the first and only male skincare company in the world to be recognised and approved as ‘cruelty free’ by BUAV. Bulldog products do not contain any added controversial chemicals such as paraben, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colourants, or synthetic fragrances.  Instead, Bulldog products are simply loaded with all-natural essential oils and other amazing naturally, active ingredients to ensure they deliver superb results.

Bulldog Product Line Up:

·         Bulldog Original Moisturiser €8.75

·         Bulldog Original Shave Gel €4.99

·         Bulldog Original Face Wash €6.49

·         Bulldog Original Face Scrub €7.25

·         Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser €8.75

·         Bulldog Anti-ageing Moisturiser €12.99

·         Bulldog Original After Shave Balm €7.25

·         Bulldog Original Eye Roll On €12.49

Bulldog Stockists:

You can get your paws on Bulldog Natural Skincare in McCabes Pharmacies, and selected pharmacies nationwide.  For further information visit

Avril xXx