Get Your Mo On This Movember!

It’s that time of year again when moustaches begin to sprout across the country. Responsible for this influx of facial hair is Movember, the month where Mo Bro’s raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health in particular prostate cancer. Whether you’re planning on rocking a classic tache or statement handlebar style your moustache is in need of constant styling. Keep it neat with Total Shaving Solution™ a 100% natural shaving oil, built around the premise of radically enhancing the daily shaving experience, guaranteeing a goodbye to painful nicks, razor rash and even in-grown hairs.

Some INTERESTING Shaving Facts:

  • The average shave will trim somewhere between 20,000-25,000 hairs from a man’s face.
  • Men’s facial hair grows at a rate of approximately half an inch per month.
  • Facial hair growth rate varies on each man and even differs with each area on a man’s face.
  • The average man will spend 60 hours shaving each year.
  • A man will spend 3,300 hours or 138 days of his life shaving his whiskers.
  • On average it takes a man between 100 and 600 strokes to shave his entire face.
  • For men, it would take roughly 16 years of shaving to collect one pound of hair.
  • A man removes over 27 feet of hair in his lifetime through shaving (GROSS!!!)

Total Shaving SolutionTM is a one-step shaving oil which both preps skin before shaving and also provides a highly protective and lubricating barrier, enabling the closest shave possible, leaving skin supple, moisturised and soothed. Total Shaving SolutionTM combines a careful blend of natural essential oils chosen for their therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties; including sesame seed, soya bean, grape seed, clove bud, lavender and menthol.

At just €20 for two 25ml bottles that last up to 12 months Total Shaving SolutionTMn is recession friendly too. Not content with being pocket friendly, Total Shaving SolutionTM bottles are environmentally friendly too as they’re much better for the environment than aerosol cans and shaving foam.

Get your Mo on boys!

Avril xXx