Midweek Fashion Fix!

Harem Trousers

Harem trousers / genie trousers have made their comeback, I for one am delighted! This time, they have taken a more sophisticated turn, with the hot trend being silk harem trousers as opposed to the not-so-flattering jersey material pants that were seen everywhere in 2009. They’re also much more tailored and fashionable than the old school MC Hammer style trousers. 😉

I recently bought a pair of black silk harem-style trousers in French Connection. I’m excited to wear them and have been looking for a little bit of inspiration as to what to wear with them. I’m thinking a simple white tee / tank top and killer heels. Have you any ideas? I think the below outfits all look fab! What do you think?

Will you be joining the harem pack this season?

Avril xXx