Remove Shellac & Gel Nails at Home!

Remove your Gel Nails & Shellac at home!

I’m a big fan of Shellac, as all you regular readers know, however sometimes with a busy schedule, it’s difficult to make the time for nail appointments, especially in the run up to Christmas when there are so many things to get done. The one and only downfall of Shellac is that you need to make a salon appointment to get Shellac removed.

I was in my local Doc Morris pharmacy last week when I came across a gadget that I hadn’t even heard about before. An Artificial Nail Remover Kit by Kiss. My Shellac was reaching the 3 week mark at this point and I really didn’t have time to get to the salon to get it removed, so I just had to buy this kit.


I was a bit sceptical because salons charge up to €10 for Shellac removal and I thought to myself that if the kit actually worked then this cost from salons wouldn’t be justified at all because people could do it themselves at home, without having to make a salon appointment and for a cheaper price. I said I’d give it a go anyway. The kit cost just €8.95 and can be used multiple times, bargain!

The kit contains a mini nail file, a manicure stick and a tub of acetone-like liquid. The tub is half filled with the liquid (it’s not called acetone but I’m guessing it’s very similar). There’s also rubber scrubbing bristles which line the whole tub, these work to soften the Shellac and clean off residue without damaging the nail plate or surrounding cuticle area. The kit takes 5 fingers at once and each hand took approximately 8-10 minutes of soaking.

When I removed my hand from the kit, it took just a gentle touch of the manicure stick to remove the remaining Shellac as the liquid had already removed the majority of the Shellac and the Shellac that remained was well dissolved so it came off with ease.


The results were actually amazing. I was so impressed. I filed my nails down, washed and moisturised my hands and my nails looked and felt as though I had just had my Shellac removed in the salon.

It was so convenient to be able to do this at home. It’s also cheaper than getting it done in a salon and the added bonus is that the kit can be used multiple times. I have heard from a friend who had used this kit before (and was disappointingly unsurprised about my discovery of it) that when she went to use it a second time, the kit was empty because the liquid had evaporated, so I’d close the lid securely to make sure that it is sealed air-tight. Mine hasn’t evaporated so I’m guessing it is down to this.

kiss kit

This kit by Kiss gets a huge, big, thumbs up from me! It’s also encouraged me to give my nails a little break from Shellac and let them breathe, though I must point out, after getting Shellac continuously for the past 6 months, when removed, my nails are as strong and healthy as ever, no damage done.

So if you’re a fan of gel nails/Shellac/nail wraps, you need to get your hands on this kit! Available in Doc Morris pharmacies nationwide and any other pharmacy that stocks the Kiss brand.

Happy Shellac removing!

Avril xXx