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The Irish Ecocertified tanning product is available online from since December 19th 2012. With the brand now being distributed in over 8 countries, TanOrganic is quickly becoming a world-wide success.


With many other tanning brands available in the Debenhams online store, what will make TanOrganic stand out from the rest? Well this wonder organic tan is now the only tanning brand that has been Ecocertified. A 100% natural and organic solution that is a whopping 84% aloe vera based, this tan not only give a gorgeous natural looking healthy glow but also has a built-in anti-ageing treatment. I’ve tried the rest, but now I’m sticking to the best, TanOrganic is unbeatable in my eyes, it’s the tan that can’t go wrong, fades off evenly and its buildable formula allows YOU to decide how tanned you wish to be. No more experimenting with other brands for me! Regular readers will know how much I adore this product, here’s a product review I wrote a few months ago: Tan Organic Review

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Get excited online shoppers because this is a tan that needs to be tried. With a cult community of organic tanners world-wide this tan is sure to please. Voted safe to use for mums-to-be by the Irish websites and The Mummy Pages, this tan was also vote best tan in the Irish Times beating well-known brand St.Tropez. For what its worth, in my opinion, it beats St, Tropez hands down!


Grazie’s beauty director, Annabel Jones, says the biggest trend in tanning right now is ‘au-tan’ (autumn tan). TanOrganic gives the perfect au-tan allowing you to build up the shade rather than turning you into a tangerine queen after one application.


Be right on-trend in 2013 and get yourself a bottle of TanOrganic, now available from Buy Irish! 🙂 Direct link to TanOrganic products: Buy TanOrganic Online Now!

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