Geek Alert!

When Firmoo asked me if I would like to try out a pair of their gorgeous glasses for free, the decision was easy… choosing a pair from their amazing range was the difficult part!

Men’s, women’s, designer, shades… they have it all but the pair that caught my eye were the biggest and best GEEK glasses! 🙂

0cac13ec592811e28b3522000a1f9867_7 While I don’t actually need to wear glasses for reading or anything, geek glasses are a fashion accessory that have always had a place in my heart, and now thanks to Firmoo, I have my very own pair to wear when I fancy! 🙂 Firmoo can fit whatever prescription you require in your chosen frames and offer all types of finishes on your lenses, so whether you want glass for fun, fashion or reading, they’ve got what you need!


Firmoo’s aim as a company: Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way

Vision – An ideal pair of prescription glasses as a half medical tool to correct vision should be made up of a quality frame and lenses with accurate prescription. Firmoo promise all their eyeglasses frames are of high quality. Besides, all eyewear provided by Firmoo goes through strict inspection by our experienced opticians before shipping to ensure the accuracy of lens prescription. That’s why they keep the lowest return and exchange rate among all online optical stores worldwide.


Fashion – Firmoo offer classic and fashion glasses frames for you to choose from. All of these frames which are quite popular in the world are elaborately picked by our staff from thousands of frames in the market.


Frugal way – Their prescription eyeglasses are inexpensive even though with high quality, therefore, everyone can afford it.


Even my nephew Liam loves my geeky Firmoo specs!

Firmoo also have an amazing offer of “First Pair Free for New Customers”, so get to Firmoo’s website now and find out more: Get My Free Glasses Here!

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Thanks Firmoo!!

Avril xXx