Bia Beauty – Good Enough To Eat!

Most definitely the cutest and best smelling gift I have ever received… my Bia Beauty Bite Size Sample Set. The packaging, the scent, the products; everything that came out of the tiny little pink Bia Beauty gift box was just delectable!

What am I talking about? Bia Beauty! Bia Beauty is a truly remarkable range of Irish natural handmade skin care products. All of the products are created using simple natural food ingredients (Bia being the Irish word for food), that have proven benefits for the skin. All of the products are handmade by Tracey Ryan and are 100% natural, all emulsifiers and preservatives used are plant based.


Tracey’s story behind the creation of Bia Beauty is equally as sweet as the products:

“I’ve always loved plants, when I’m out walking I usually have my head stuck in a plant, figuring out what I can use it for. It’s this passion that led me to study Herbal Science at Cork Institute of Technology. And it was during this four year degree that the idea for Bia Beauty grew. I was given the task of creating, marketing and selling a natural product as part of an Innovation module. I made a 100% natural moisturiser and sold it locally at farmers markets. The response was so positive that I continued to make and sell it long after the project had ended.

feedyourface_set 35.99

Also during this time my little son Feidhlim was born. While pregnant, I, like most new mums-to-be became really concerned about what I was putting into and onto my body. I began to make all the families skin care and toiletries; shampoos, nappy creams, moisturisers etc.

I loved the idea of combining food and skin care, to me it was obvious. The ingredients I was using were food; nut and seed oils, fruits, herbs, spices, cocoa butter, avocado butter. I was literally feeding our skin! And so Bia Beauty was born.”


The brand had me very excited on just hearing about it; the natural element, the fact it is Irish and being handmade made it a stand out brand in itself. I was thrilled when the products lived up to my expectations.

The Orange and Grapefruit Facial Exfoliant and Cleanser made my skin feel so fresh and clean. I applied the Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser afterwards and it soaked into my skin immediately. Instantly my skin felt softer, but it also felt nourished and supple. Thanks to the abundance of citrus ingredients, my skin was glowing. I always like to keep my cleansing/moisturising routine as simple as possible, mainly because I’ve had so many bad experiences with expensive brands that use harsh chemicals and alcohol in their products and leave me with dry and tight skin and often lead to breakouts. I can safely say, as soon as my bite size samples are finito, I’ll be making an online purchase at Bia for the full size products. My skin has never felt, smelt or looked so good (without makeup of course! 😉 )


Next up I treated my skin to the luscious lip balm. The range of natural lip balms are based on some of our favourite delicious treats, lime pie, chai latte, peppermint chocolate and yummy coconut! They’ve used no artificial flavours, just pure essential oils and natural organic aromas. Tracey uses beeswax as a base for the lip balms as it’s not absorbed by the skin and so it creates a protective barrier and helps retain moisture while also allowing the skin to breathe. For those who don’t want to use any animal products in their skin care, Bia Beauty have used soya wax to make the Peppermint Chocolate Lip Balm. The soya wax used is a totally natural and vegan blended wax based on ethically and non-GMO sourced soya and feels just as nice on the skin as beeswax! I’ve been using the Lime Pie Lip Balm, it really nourishes my lips and makes them soft and smooth, it is literally good enough to eat! All of the lip balms come in really handy little flip-open tins, no need to worry about opening sticky, fiddly jars!


My regular readers know that I have very sensitive skin on my hands, any bit of bad weather or dust and I’m in dire need of a fantastic moisturiser to cure them. I found just that in my Bia Beauty box of tricks in the form of the Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream. Tracey has combined shea butter, beeswax, calendula infused oil and sweet almond oil to make a nourishing, healing and protective hand cream. She also added a little lemon myrtle essential oil making it clean, sweet and zesty as well as being antibacterial.


In order to give a better review on the Detox Body Scrub, I would have to try a larger amount than my sample, but from what I tried and what I read about it, it’s a deeply detoxifying scrub that combines ultra cleansing castor oil with sweet almond oil and apricot kernel grains for a really satisfying scrub – Looking forward to trying it out properly!


So there you have it, I LOVE BIA BEAUTY! Such a clever and innovative brand with absolutely gorgeous and nourishing products. It’s like healthy eating – for your skin! All of the products are extremely reasonably priced. The only fault I can find – my fruit loving dog Louis keeps trying to lick my face whenever I apply the Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser! A full list of stockists can be found here.

Avril xXx