Tropical Nails!


For someone who goes for a manicure (religiously) every couple of weeks for the past 5 years, it’s difficult to choose one particular manicure that stands out from the rest… that was until my recent visit to the funky-colourful-kitsch-neon isle of Tropical Popical!


Andrea Horan, owner of Tropical Popical, did much of her research for her business plan while travelling around the USA, the country known for its love of OTT and extravagant manicures, years before such an idea even reached the Emerald Isle.


Andrea and her team have kept it simple – you pick your treatment, depending on how much time and/or money you have to spend, but know that whatever you pick, you’ll have amazing results, with no fuss and a lot of fun to boot. All of the Tropical Popical nail technicians are the best in their field and amazing at what they do. They are as passionate about giving good nail as you are about getting it. The prices, for such a great service in such a great location, are surprisingly reasonable, see the chalkboard above for more details!


I chose a Gelish manicure. They had over 30 fabulous colours for me to choose from. As I chose my colours I enjoyed an ice cold Lilt from a coconut – that’s just how they roll in Tropical Popical! Gelish stays on the nails for up to 3 weeks (mine has been on for 2.5 weeks now and still hasn’t peeled or chipped, despite me spending over a week in the sea/sun/sand).


Gelish is a little different to the regular Shellac manicure that I usually get, the gorgeous and super-friendly nail technician, Jessie, informed me that Gelish can last that little bit longer as it contains gel which means it bends and grows with the nail.


2013-05-13 18.26.15


2013-05-13 18.27.46

I also got a basic manicure before the Gelish treatment which made my nails look quite nice, even before the colour was applied. I had my appointment made just before I went to Dubai so I wanted to get colourful and fun nails for my holiday.

2013-05-04 18.28.22-1



The Gelish colours I opted for were a deep pinky/purple called “Sugar N Spice & Everything Nice” with an accent nail on each hand in a mint green shade called “A Mint of Spring”. Choosing the colours was definitely the toughest part of my visit.


Tropical Popical have a loyalty card which offers customers a free basic mani on every 10th visit – love this!


The funky music, amazing decor (see pics above), relaxed atmosphere and top-notch service made my visit to Tropical Popical a memorable one. I’ll certainly be visiting them again soon!

You can visit the Tropical Popical website here!

Keep it Tropical!

Tropical Popical – 28 South William Street Dublin 2

Telephone: 01 675 35 69

For appointments and bookings email:


Avril xXx